A healthy body, peaceful mind, quiet spirit are each essential to complete wellness...

To provide:
  • Access and advocacy
  • Information on benefits of health
  • Comprehensive wellness plan
  • Family resource support through an ongoing program of strategic prevention.
    If you have ever experienced a family member’
    s bout with cancer, heart disease, high blood
    pressure, kidney disease, diabetes, stoke, or
    colon infection, you know traumatic it can be.  
    What you may not know is that these illnesses
    can be prevented and reversed . At Embassy
    Wellness Center, we can show you how

    Assessment of your individual and family  the
    risk factors
    Family education and Referral

Often, people attend to their physical health and ignore their mental and spiritual
wellness.  A mental illness can be as devastating as a disease of the body.  And  spiritual
sickness can lead to mental and physical illness.

At Embassy Wellness Center, we help families focus on the whole person - body, spirit
and mind. Your first appointment will involve an hour-long assessment.   Your second visit
will involve development of a comprehensive customized wellness plan.

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Call Embassy Wellness Center at (314) 781-7781 and schedule an interview.

Wellness Means A Healthy Body, Spirit, and Mind

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy
soul prospereth. 3 John1: 2

If you could reduce your risk of major illness, wouldn't you?
Embassy Wellness Center can help you take steps to prevent these illnesses and even reverse
Wellness Center
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High Blood Pressure
Heart Disease
Kidney Disease
Colon Infections
Call Embassy Wellness Center at (314) 781-7781 and schedule an interview.
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