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    Arts and Theater Ministry

    Word of Life Arts and Theater Ministry presents the
    Gospel through published stage plays, skits,
    musical dramas, Gospel Opera, dance, mime, song,
    and film, etc.

Poetry and other art forms are produced, taught, and performed throughout the local,
national, and international communities through the participation of multi cultural and
ethnic communities. This branch of the ministry involves participants from ages 1 to 100.

Those interested in participating in, sponsoring, and/or hosting a production please
contact us.
Watch for coming performances of :

"I Never Heard",  the Gospel Opera in
which the eternal destiny of man and
angels is revealed before the Throne of
God in multi disciplines arts.  Here sample
music from the play.  

Sample the music from the play and/or
order your copy of the CD

Tale of Life
Withered Figs
Hear and Play banner banner
Effigy of God a short play in which the
irony of God executes justice upon the
oppressor and the oppressed.

A Day in Court is a humorous, but
serious skit about Christian