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Wisdom Institute Education District (WIED)

    WIED Provides dynamic genius
    awakening curricula and learning
    enrichment in a highly stimulating
    learning environment that addresses
    the total person for students from Pre-K
    to college/adult level. The Learning
    Enrichment and Personal
    Development (LEPD) program enables
    every student upon completion of the
    nine-month program to function at one
    to three grade levels above par in one
    or more subject areas.

Whether your student is struggling or precocious the LEPD Program will
enhance his/her performance and conceptual understanding of ALL academic
disciplines and subjects. S/he will understand his/her unique learning and genius
Did you know that each child has a unique Genius Style?  

There are seven such styles.
Each defines both the URGE that motivates your student to learn and the
APPROACH s/he uses to learn. The LEPD Program awakens your student into
his/her natural genius.

Remember our children are not remedial, rather they are remarkable!

Your student will gain an accurate history of his/her heritage and a dynamic
independent constructive sense of self. Equipped to perform in the top percentiles
of any academic setting, they will know who they are and where they are going.

Pre-K, elementary, junior high, senior high, and college level and adults alike the
Learning Enrichment and Personal Development Program addresses the whole
person – from thinking to nutrition – enabling them to function at peak proficiency in
each of the five levels of human knowledge/experience and learning ability.

Flip the switch to your student’s genius!

Call now for enrollment information 314-781-7781
FOR ENROLLMENT INFORMATION * Contact Us * P.O. Box 771475 * St. Louis, MO 63177 * 314.781.7781
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Learning Enrichment Testimonials

"My son Byron was labeled below grade level in reading comprehension. His
teacher and principal said that he would not pass the 2nd grade. I heard about this
program and put him in it. He began to read better and his grades went up. He
didn't have to repeat the 2nd grade. He is now a A and B student."
- G. Blockton of St. Louis, MO

"Alicia, my granddaughter, was failing the 5th grade for the second time.
Everybody said there was no hope for her. She was doing so poorly that it seemed
that she was naturally slow. I called a friend of mine and asked in desperation do
you know anybody or a way that I can get help for my baby? She told me about
your program. After completing the six-month Learning Enrichment and Personal
Development Program she passed the 5th grade and is performing at the top of
her class. She is now self-confident and exercising an academic genius nobody
ever suspected she had."
- C. Hykes of Florissant, MO

"My grandson was here on an extended visit from California during 2003. When he
was enrolled in school in one of the North County school districts, it became
apparent that he was far behind in his schoolwork. He and his two sisters were
enrolled in the program and it made a dramatic difference in his performance.
Denzel told me that he appreciated knowing that he really is smart."
- B. Young of Jennings, MO

I do with earnest desire pass along to every reader that we have never
encountered a program of the twelve faceted curriculum of the mega scheme that
actually produced results until now.

I recommend that you do not tarry or procrastinate in your decision to say yes, and
do it, finalize the enrollment.  It will impact not only the child or children, but the
adults as well.

D. Watkins , Oklahoma City family
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