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The archaeological museum and library...where every visit is a discovery.

    QUMRAN BOOKSOURCE'S sole purpose is to strengthen
    and deepen the inner spiritual life of the conscientious
    "seeker of the Uttermost".


QUMRAN BOOKSOURCE provides books, reading materials, maps, charts, videos, audio
tapes, and rare/old publications from antiquity to early twentieth century.  Special
educational services and curricula developed for the African American Church, on a
customized basis.
  • We will develop a select bibliography for your personal study needs

  • We will develop and produce a customized curriculum of any subject area...
    designed just for you

  • We will select and order the most appropriate book, map, chart, and study material
    to meet your needs.

  • We will enable you to build your own collection or library in the subject area of:  
    History, chronology, biblical studies, geography, ethnic studies, philosophy,
    medicine, nutrition, archaeology, etc.

  • The facilities of the John D. Jones Reference Library are available for on premise
    research and study of materials dating from prehistoric times to the present:
FOR MORE INFORMATION * Contact Us * P.O. Box 771475 * St. Louis, MO 63177 * 314.781.7781
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