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"The Faith of Adam"
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Volume I       
The Transmission of Truth
 This first volume harmonizes the transmission of coherent Redemptive and Reflective
Truth within sacred and classical literature. In this examination of the primeval revelation
of the Creator’s initial, yet, unrequited purpose in the Adam Man, He communicated to
Ben Yahweh (Sui Atum) the full orb of Truth coalesced and integrated in a unitary holistic
system most anciently called Maat, Adhamism. Perfect in intellect, nascent in innocence
the first man, in terran communion situated in the tropical Holy of Holies, the Garden of
Eden, ancient Khenthunefer, received the Way and Warning of Truth. Encompassing all
that was requisite to execute the charge of exercising dominion over the created physical
world and noosphere, and be perfected in relationship and communion, though not yet a
translated spiritual being, and volitionally free of [the latent] sin, while yet an untested and
unproven servant of Truth, the Word was imparted by the Voice unto the Ear.

 The “Word of God” imparted to Adam in the Garden, as to Moses in the mount, was and is
the selfsame Truth come to us today in the Holy Bible. As in all sacred writings, that which
was revealed gave birth to the inspired instructions and admonitions of holy men and sages
called of God in all successive generations to follow. Preserved in the Oldest Books in
World, fossilized in countless artifacts, and crystallized in towering monuments the
Record of El Elyon was “delivered once [and for all] unto the saint[s]” and preserved
through the relentless march of millennia and ceaseless assaults from the spirit of error.
What is called “Christianity”, described by Jesus and the apostles as The Way of Truth
[John 14:6; Acts 9:2; 19:9], is one and the selfsame Faith of Adam.

 Examines the ever-expanding trans-galactic and cosmic society, of which Earth was/is
Capitol, with its spiritual economy and culture. Chief among the issues studied is the
source and cause of the universal cataclysm that provoked the catastrophic fold resulting
in the [then latent] Second Law of Thermodynamics, entropy, thereby disrupting the
perfect harmony of the created order. A character study of the Cosmic Antagonist, Heylel
Lucifer who became Satan [Set-an] will explore his God given-role as celestial viceroy and
its forfeiture resulting from his ambition to usurp the Throne of the Most High. An
elucidation will be made of the scalar ramifications of the attempted [but doomed] coup d’
état, its participants, and its goal. The reader will gain insight into the identity of the
entities involved as well as vestigial references to them in the records of the world’s sacred,
esoteric, classical, and scientific literature. More importantly, a detailed exploration will
be made of the continuing conflict between the divine and corrupt cultures with its
empirical, eternal significance, and exigencies in the present world.  

 Particular attention will be given to the impact of the cataclysm event, i.e. the overthrow
(Gr. Καταβολή, katabole), which occurred circa 30,000 years prior to the creation of
Adam, that violently changed the order and climate of the universe. Banished from the
over-heaven and quarantined within the spheroid tori topology of Sol and Sirius (α, β, and
γ) star systems’ orbits, along the foci of his ellipsoid tether, paces an imperceptibly quasi
ubiquitous hostile “enemy” lurking under the shadow of dark matter and energy, fueled by
a seething ungratifiable “Grudge” that loathes to concede his ipso facto defeat and
impending dénouement. His doomed aspiration is animated by physical forces, human
fallenness, and innumerable hordes of malevolent super intelligences. His aim was (and is)
to capture and dominate the cosmos and all within it, his futile obsession is to incarcerate
the Godhead . . . through the guise of a counter gambit called “the Christ by heist”.

 Placing the pre-Adamic events in the perspective of their Precessional chronology will
harmonize the apparently irreconcilable myths, legends, and histories of the world’s
cultures with the Holy Bible         and the Oldest Books in the World. Here, a detailed study
of the revealed interpenetration of our hyper-dimensional, trans-cosmic, and supra-
gendered Godhead throughout and within creation, will also unveil the counter intuitive
provision of reconciliation to Heylel Set and his co-conspirators, which on the Day of
Rescission [six days before the Crucifixion] they once and for all eternity rejected.

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Volume II       
When Earth Was Capitol