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Through in-depth and advanced teachings on the deeper life in Christian and spiritual
maturity, the believer is prepared for spiritual warfare and developed in conformance to
the Image of Christ.  Likewise, the basic and foundational principles of the faith are
presented in a structured and systematic format which affords the believer skillful
insight into the Christian life - both on earth and in eternity.

The Word of God is both declared and demonstrated.  The power (ability) of God
through the Holy Spirit to evidence His dominion over every life problem and misfortune
is the characteristic experience in each service.

Embassy of Heaven is an affiliate of Word of Life Evangelistic Crusade, an
interdenominational international pentecostal Church.

Ministry Background

In 1989 the Lord sent an angel to Bishop Jones in a night vision and commanded him
to begin the work of Embassy of Heaven as the nurturing ground for the larger mission
of training and developing an Army of "specially equipped" servants to conquer the
strategic mission territories assigned to this ministry.

The words of the angel were that the work was to be begin immediately and that he, the
angel, would be kept by the side of Bishop Jones at all times to ensure that the work
that God had given him would be accomplished.  The Ministry of Embassy of Heaven
has been founded by divine mandate.  Since the time of the church's inception God has
proven true to His word given by the mouth of the angel.

Become a part of this most anointed charge.  We at Embassy of Heaven believe that all
who are a part of Embassy have been guided here because God has a distinct call
upon our lives.  In fact, what the Lord has made clear to Bishop Jones is that everyone,
without exception, who is guided to Embassy will be so because of a distinct call upon
their life.  One of the priority objectives of Embassy of Heaven is that of enabling the
believer to identify his/her call within the Body of Christ and then nurturing and maturing
them in it.

Embassy of Heaven is uniquely equipped by the Lord to prepare the believer for the
work of the Kingdom of God.  In concert with the emphasis of Deliverance Ministry and
Spiritual Warfare in advancing the Cause of the Throne, the WOLEC subsidiary of
Wisdom Institute University provides the formal education organ through which every
member may be academically and spiritually trained to fulfill his/her call.  Wisdom
Institute was founded February 1989.  It is a Bachelor and Masters level institution of
higher learning that terminates in  unparalleled degree programs.

It is the commitment of Word of Life Evangelistic Crusade to minister to the whole man
and the whole Body of Christ.  This the ministry has been engaged in since its
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Embassy of Heaven is a fully Bible based, Spirit
filled Body of Truth which has as its emphasis in
ministry - "advancing the Cause of the Throne,
exalting the Risen Christ, manifesting the Kingdom
of God, and overcoming and restraining evil."

WOLEC missions serves to reach the greater metropolitan St. Louis Region and
beyond to national and international communities through counseling, mentoring,
resources outreach, campus and prison ministries. High among our mission priorities
is the restoration and empowerment of young men, fathers, and boys.

Counseling sessions are conducted in both individual and group settings, the
foundation of which is “relationship with the divine and stewardship in society.” We
have learned through more than 30 years of Christian counseling that all forms of
human addiction, aggression, and depression are the result of the absence of a sense
of meaning and purpose of life. Such a meaning and purpose of life that transcends
mortal experience is alone capable of living above circumstances.

Mentoring outreach includes students, professionals, and those in Christian service
commitments. Resources outreach seeks to enhance the living conditions of families
experiencing emergency circumstances and in follow up empower them to become
consistently self-sufficient. Prison ministry involves outreach and ministry to juveniles,
ex-offenders, and the incarcerated.

WOLEC special programs and seminars address the issues of neglected males and
fathers. Some of the issues addressed are: What is manhood? How does a single
father make a difference in the life is child? Transforming unemployment into
entrepreneurial opportunities, and What is the role of a man in God’s plan? Some of
the questions explored are what are the essential distinctions between men and
women, and why? Our purpose is to build strong families and communities.
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